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Dot5Hosting provide their customers quality web hosting at an affordable price with a friendly and high quality level of technical support. They operate on the theory that, if they don't look after their customers, someone else will. They have carefully put together three hosting packages that meet the needs of all potential users, ranging from the home user through to the commerce business user.

Their servers are situated in California. These are linked to the Internet via fiber-optic connections, that span more than seven diverse backbones and well-known providers including Congent, Sonet and Time Warner.

At Dot5Hosting they take your data security very seriously. Their systems include a high power UPS generator electrical backup, closed circuit monitoring and redundant air-conditioning systems. Their wide spread hardware infrastructure and additional systems enable them to provide solutions that are of the highest possible speed and quality.

Dot5Hosting Inc.,
2800 28th Street Suite 205
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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